5 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi


   Glass is a material which basically composed of silica sand, bicarbonate and lime by mixing and melting in 1500C degree. The mixture might includes different materials for different reasons. For example lead oxide is used for easier cutting and lower melting point, lanthanum oxide is used for refractive properties, and iron is used for absorbing heat (http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Glass). Glass can be produced and formed accordingly our needs.
  Glass might be shaped by turning, pressing, and blowing.

Some spacial examples for usage of glass

Trinity Church's reflectinon  on John Hancock towers  in Boston
Trinity Church's reflectinon  on John Hancock towers  in Boston  
Basque Health Department Headuaters of Bilbao Spain by Coll- Barreu Architectures

                National Grand Theater of China by Paul Andrau
Louvre Pyramid- Paris by I.M Pei

                          Fondation Cartier by Jean Nouvel
Sears Tower- Glass Balconies in Chicago

My works with glass (I tried to give form to acetate instead of glass since ı do not have enough facility to work with real glass.): 
It is known that we can give shape to glass in 1000-1200C degrees with high pressure.

Firstly, ı prepeared a mold, and put glass on it. Next, ı heated it than acetate took the shape of mold.                                                                                                                                                    

       Glass can be curved by using same method.                                                                        

Moreover, diffirent surfaces and solids which can stands by itself can be made by using float glass.